Turkey Visa Application Process for Residents of Saudi Arabia


Obtaining a visa is a crucial step for Saudi Arabian citizens planning to visit Turkey. This essay aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the process involved in obtaining a Turkey visa from Saudi Arabia. Highlighting the necessary requirements and procedures, this guide will assist prospective visitors, displaying the intelligence and comprehension of a graduate school student.

Paragraph 1: Understanding the Importance of a Turkey Visa

To embark on a journey to Turkey, Saudi Arabian residents must obtain a Turkey visa. This document grants entry into the country while adhering to its immigration regulations. A valid visa ensures a smooth and lawful entry, allowing the traveler to fully experience the rich history, culture, and natural beauty that Turkey has to offer. Saudi Arabia and Turkey share a history of cultural, economic, and diplomatic ties. The Turkish government recognized the importance of reinforcing these connections by introducing the Turkey Visa for Saudi Arabia. Developed intelligently, this visa system allows Saudi Arabian citizens to travel to Turkey for various purposes, including tourism, business, education, and medical treatment.

Paragraph 2: Types of Turkey Visas

There are various types of visas available to Saudi Arabian residents, including tourist visas, business visas, student visas, and work visas. Each visa type has specific requirements and procedures, depending on the purpose and duration of the visit.

Paragraph 3: The E-Visa System

Since 2013, Turkey has introduced an online visa application system, known as the E-Visa system. This innovative platform allows Saudi Arabian citizens to apply for a Turkey visa conveniently through the internet, eliminating the need for physically visiting the Turkish embassy or consulate. Applying for a Turkey Visa in Saudi Arabia is a straightforward and comprehensible process. Saudi Arabians seeking this visa can submit their applications online or through authorized visa facilitation centers, ensuring ease and accessibility for all applicants. The online application process saves time and effort, enhancing the overall experience.

Paragraph 4: Required Documents for a Turkey Visa

To complete the Turkey visa application, Saudi Arabian residents need to gather the necessary documents. These typically include a valid passport, recent passport-sized photographs, proof of accommodation, travel itinerary, travel insurance, and a completed visa application form. Additional documents may be required depending on the visa type. To undergo an effective visa application, it is paramount to understand the necessary requirements. Graduate school students must be cognizant of the intelligence associated with compiling the documents accurately and comprehending the specifics demanded. Common requirements include a valid passport, completed application form, recent photographs, confirmed flight bookings, financial documentation, and an invitation letter, if applicable based on the purpose of travel.

Paragraph 5: The Application Process

With the E-Visa system, Saudi Arabian applicants can complete the visa application process online. This involves providing TURKEY VISA WITH SCHENGEN VISA FROM CYPRUS personal information, travel details, and uploading the required documents in the electronic format mentioned in the application guidelines.

Paragraph 6: Timing and Fees

After submitting the online application, Saudi Arabian applicants should be aware of the average processing time. Typically, it takes two to three business days for the visa to be processed. Additionally, applicants need to pay the visa fee online, which varies depending on the visa type and duration of stay.

Paragraph 7: Visa Approval and Collection

Once the visa is approved, applicants will receive an electronic notification via email. Saudi Arabian residents must print the approved visa or have it available digitally to present upon arrival at the Turkish immigration checkpoint. It is crucial to ensure the accuracy of the printed visa, including personal details and travel dates.

Paragraph 8: Border Control and Entry into Turkey

Upon arrival in Turkey, Saudi Arabian visitors will go through the immigration checkpoints. It is essential to present the printed or digital visa, valid passport, and any additional supporting documents requested by the border authorities.

Paragraph 9: Extension, Renewal, and Overstaying

Should Saudi Arabian residents wish to extend their stay or renew their visa in Turkey, they can consult the local immigration authorities or relevant consulate. It is important to avoid overstaying the visa, as it may result in potential fines, restrictions, or complications for future travel.


Obtaining a Turkey visa from Saudi Arabia is a straightforward process facilitated by the online E-Visa system. By following the guidelines and ensuring the submission of accurate and complete documents, Saudi Arabian citizens can embark on their Turkish adventure, fully equipped with the necessary legal documents and knowledge to explore the wonders of this captivating country.